Wednesday, April 16, 2014

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Here's to trying something new.....

Ok, so I am not sure where to start. I have become majorly obsessed with some blogs lately and have decided to give it a whirl. My girl Candra over at is my major inspiration! Go check her out.

I suppose I should start with a quick introduction to me. My name is Kassie Dupre. I am 31 (ugh) and work my ass off (I wish it worked my muffin top off). I am a full time dispatcher for fire and ambulance and a part time EMT. This basically means I work a LOT of weird hours and have TONS of stress. Holidays/weekends?! What are those?!?! My boyfriend is a state trooper so the stress doesn't just exist in my life. He deals with ish all day long that I hope I never have to. I am bonus mom to two AMAZING kiddos. Jack is 12 and Tessa is 10. I can share boots with both and shoes with's convenient lol. These three people are my life! We also have a couple furry kids. Khloe, our 13 year old black lab who has a heart of gold and would crawl inside of us if possible and Hank, our 9 year old golden retriever who has more facial expressions than most humans.

I am thinking this blog will be kind of a collection of things in my life but we will see what it morphs into. I am a planner addict. If I don't write it down it won't happen. I forget things very quickly. I am a list person. I also have a crazy rotating work schedule and kid schedules so without my planner keeping me on track, I would basically sit home all day in the fetal position trying to remember where I'm supposed to be and what I'm supposed to be doing.

I am also trying to work on my fitness. I had been doing great then I got sick and basically never started again. We'll let me just say it's time. I am sick of how I look and feel. I'm doing this for me but I know my family will benefit too because I am definitely a happier person when I'm working out. I am also on weight watchers. This has been an up and down battle for me. But I'm doing well (at the moment) lol.

I will also be keeping tabs on what the kids and I are up to. I am helping coach girls on the run for Tessa's school right now. We meet a couple times a week for an hour and a half and we work up to running a 5K at the end of May. This is an amazing group of girls and I'm pretty sure they will be teaching me more than I can teach them.

I suppose that's enough for now. Hope you (all one of you.....shout out to my momma who is probably the only person reading this lol) have a fabulous day!!!